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Английский язык онлайн для начинающих: чтение по-английски для начинающих, скачать MP3 онлайн

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“Grandma!” little Desiree exclaimed. “It’s my daddy’s birthday. How will I send him a birthday card?”

Desiree’s grandmother looked at Desiree and sighed. She didn’t know what to say. Desiree’s father had died nine months earlier. Desiree didn’t understand. She was only four years old.

“I have an idea,” her grandmother said. “Let’s write your daddy a letter. We can tie the letter to a balloon and send it up to heaven. What should we write?”

Desiree told her grandmother to write, “Happy Birthday, Daddy. I love you and miss you. Please write me on my birthday in January.”

Desiree’s grandmother wrote Desiree’s message and their address on a small piece of paper. Then Desiree, her mother, and her grandmother went to a store to buy a balloon. Desiree looked quickly at the helium-filled balloons and said, “That one! The one with the mermaid!”

They bought the mermaid balloon and tied Desiree’s letter to it. Then Desiree let the balloon go.

Desiree released the balloon in California. The wind caught the balloon and carried it east. Four days later, it came down 3,000 miles away, near a lake in eastern Canada. The name of the lake was Mermaid Lake.

Wade MacKinnon, a Canadian man, was hunting ducks at Mermaid Lake when he found Desiree’s balloon and letter. He took them home to his wife. She decided to send Desiree a birthday present. She also wrote her a letter. The letter said:

Dear Desiree,

Happy Birthday from your daddy. I guess you wonder who we are. Well, my husband. Wade, went duck hunting, and guess what he found? A mermaid balloon that you sent your daddy. There are no stores in heaven, so your daddy wanted someone to do his shopping for him. I think he picked us because we live in a town called Mermaid. I know your daddy loves you very much and will always watch over you.

Lots of love, The MacKinnons.

Desiree’s mother wrote the MacKinnons to thank them. During the next few weeks, she and the MacKinnons telephoned each other often. Then Desiree, her mother, and her grandmother flew to Canada to meet the MacKinnons. The MacKinnons took them to Mermaid Lake and showed them where the balloon landed.

Now, whenever Desiree wants to talk about her father, she calls the MacKinnons. After she talks to them, she feels better.

People often say, “What a coincidence – the mermaid balloon landed at Mermaid Lake!” Desiree’s mother is not sure it was just a coincidence. She says, “I think that somehow my husband picked the MacKinnons. It was his way to send his love to Desiree. She understands now that her father is with her always”.

Задание No 1 – Vocabulary

Какие предложения в правой колонке совпадают по смыслу с подчеркнутыми словами из текста (левая колонка).

1. “Grandma!” Desiree exclaimed. a. said suddenly, with strong feeling.
”It’s my daddy’s birthday”. b.
said slowly, with a very quiet voice.

2. Desiree released the balloon. a. opened her eyes and looked at the balloon.
b. opened her hand and let the balloon go.

3. Wade MacKinnon was hunting ducks. a. trying to shoot.
b. trying to paint.

4. Desiree’s mother thinks her husband picked a. chose.
the MacKinnons to send his love to Desiree. b. paid.

Задание No 2 – Understanding the Main Idea

Обведите кружком наиболее правильный ответ.

1. What was the coincidence of the story? a. Desiree and her father have the same birthday, January 12.
The mermaid balloon came down at Mermaid Lake.
The MacKinnons also have a four-year-old daughter.

2. Desiree feels better now because a. she got a lot of presents for her birthday.
b. she can talk to the MacKinnons about her father.
c. she spends a lot of time with her grandmother.

Задание No 3 – Remembering Details

Одно слово в каждом из предложений неверно. Найдите неправильное слово и зачеркните его. Составьте предложение с правильным словом.

1. Desiree tied a present to a helium-filled balloon. 2. The balloon had a picture of a fish on it. 3. Desiree released the balloon in Arizona. 4. The wind carried the balloon south. 5. Four years later, the balloon came down 3,000 miles away. 6. The balloon landed near a mountain in eastern Canada. 7. A Canadian man was feeding ducks when he found Desiree’s letter. 8. The MacKinnon decided to send Desiree a birthday cake and a letter.

Задание No 4 – Finding More Information

Определите, какое предложение в правой колонке дает вам дополнительную информацию по подчеркнутому слову.

1. Desiree wrote her father a letter. a. It was in Eastern Canada, and its name was Mermaid Lake.

2. Desiree chose a balloon at the store. b. It said, “Happy Birthday. I love you and miss you”.

3. The balloon came down near a lake. c. It was filled with helium, and it had a picture of a mermaid on it.

4. A Canadian man found the balloon. d. His name was Wade MacKinnon, and he was hunting ducks.

Задание No 5 – Discussion

Подготовьтесь к обсуждению по предложенной теме.

The mermaid balloon landed at Mermaid Lake. That was a coincidence. Can you find any coincidences among your classmates? Complete the sentences. (Skip the sentences you can’t complete.)

1. My birthday is…. 2. Once I broke a bone in my …. 3. Last summer I took a trip to …. 4. A car I like is …. 5. I really need …. 6. Last night I dreamed about ….

In a small group, take turns reading your sentences. Did any students complete a sentence in the same way? Tell the class about any coincidences you discovered.

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