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The Ghost upon the Rail. Chapter Three

On the following market day in Sydney old David Weir made his way to the city. He did not talk about the ghost. Having sold his butter and eggs, the old man left Sydney at 4 p.m. and at half past ten arrived at Dean's peddling house, where he rested his horse. He himself had nothing but water to drink.

At a quarter to twelve the old man was about to start on the last part of his journey home when the two men who were going to Penrith asked him for a ride. One of the men worked for Mr Cox and the other was a policeman. They both knew all the people who lived in the district. When they came near the place where the old man had seen the ghost, he made the horse walk as slowly as possible and again saw the figure of Mr Fisher seated on the top rail of the fence, just as before.

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"Look there!" said old David to the two men. "What's that?" "It is a man," they both replied. "But how odd! It seems as if the light is shining through him." "Yes," said old David, "but look at him. What man is it?" "It's Mr Fisher," they said together. "Hold the horse, one of you," said old David. "I'll go and speak to him. They say he's at home in England, but I don't believe it."

The old man, who was as brave as a lion, approached the ghost and stood within a few feet of it. "Speak!" he cried. "Don't you know me, sir? I'm David Weir. How did you get that cut on your head? Are you alive or dead, Mr Fisher?" There was no answer. The old man then stretched out his hand and placed it on what appeared to be Mr Fisher's shoulder, but it was only empty air.

"Something evil has happened," said the old man. "I shall mark the place." And he broke off several branches from a tree near the rail and put them opposite to the place where the ghost was sitting. Then he took out his knife and marked the place where the right hand of the ghost was resting.

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