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The Ghost upon the Rail. Chapter Five

That morning at eight o'clock Mr Cox rode over to Penrith and saw Hamilton, Weir's second witness. Hamilton, like Williams, agreed with everything Weir had said, and added that no one of the group was drunk.

Mr Cox sent for the leader of the black people in the district, a man called Johnny Crook. Crook was famous for being able to follow marks, which showed where people had walked. They all went to the place where the ghost had been seen, and Weir had no difficulty in pointing out the exact rail.

Johnny Crook, after examining the rail carefully, pointed to some marks and said, "White man's blood!" He walked off and the others followed, until they came to a pool of water with a bluish oil on the surface. This water hole was not on Fisher's land, nor was it on Smith's. When full it was about ten feet deep in the centre, but at the time referred to there was not more than three and a half feet of water in it, and, badly as the animals wanted water, they were not drinking from it. Johnny Crook walked into the water and felt about with his feet. Soon he found a bag of bones.

Although the body was not recognizable, the buttons on the clothes, and the boots, were those which Mr Fisher used to wear. And in the pocket of the trousers was found a knife with the initials "J.F." on it. The murderer, whoever it might be, had either forgotten to take away the knife or had left it with the body on purpose, for all the other pockets were turned inside out.

"Well, sir, what do you think of that?" said old Weir to the amazed Mr Cox. "I scarcely know what to think of it," was Mr Cox's reply. "But it is lucky for you, David, that you are a man of such good character that no one would suspect you of anything so evil. But stay here with the body, all of you, until I return. I shall not be away more than an hour. Have you a pair of handcuffs with you, Hamilton?"

"Several pairs, sir," replied the policeman.

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